Next week I’m meeting my Mom in the beautiful, indulgent, closer than traveling to France, city of Montreal. It’s a birthday get away for her, and thinking about it this morning the first time as an adult that we’ve traveled somewhere together. Sure she’s come to visit me, but we’ve never been on vacation together, just us. Which strikes me as odd, but I am definitely glad we are changing that!

I adore Montreal! It is one of my favourite cities in Canada in the world. The food, the wine, the people, the culture.. the shopping.. what’s not to love??! It’s such a beautiful city, that is very walker friendly, but has a great metro to help you get some where a little quicker or if you are a little tired from the pain au chocolate you started your day with or the smoked meat sandwich you indulged in over lunch.

T. and I were just there is June for the Formula 1 race and I’m so excited to be going back again so soon and during one of my favourite seasons – Fall. The air is a little crisper, but still warm enough to get away with a light jacket or none at all in the afternoons.

We have an amazing line up of reservations to look forward to. Le Bremmer a Chuck Hughes (he would be Canada’s answer to Gordon Ramsay perhaps) restaurant found in Old Montreal that is notoriously hard to find (and even harder to get reservations) serving seafood comfort food.

Next up is Joe Beef to which I CAN NOT wait to return to.. T. and I dined there in June and surpassed my expectations. The cozy ambience, the eclectic decor, food that was so amazing you kept eating long after you should have stopped, and the beauty of the garden terrace where we finished the night with a bottle of framers fizz and tour of the smoker (like a good transplanted prairie girl that I am couldn’t miss that). I managed to take a photo of our wine at the start of the evening, but got lost in the food so nothing more to share

And lastly to Bonaparte a restaurant I have not been, but my Mom has been several times and always raves about it.

So pretty much we are going to eat our way through our weekend getaway!

Actually the main reason we are going is to see the Faberge exhibit at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts.  We both share a love of Russian history. In fact I’ve begun rereading my favourite biography on Catherine the Great before seeing the exhibit.

Between the museum and the eating, we perhaps will take in a market or two (Atwater is a favourite), shop a wee bit (it is a birthday trip!), a whisky bar (or two), but mostly just wander the city that is so enchanting at every turn.

So blogosphere any favourites you’d recommend for our weekend getaway to Montreal?

And for those of you who haven’t been I hope I’ve piqued your interest! I will be sure to share our foodie adventures when I return.