Is It Safe To Grill On Rusty Grates?

A grill, of course, is subjected to all sorts of use which may be abused over time, which include high temperatures and grease splatters while cooking and frequent exposure to elements if left unprotected outdoors. This may lead to grill rust, medically loose rust is not safe at all as the rust stick to food. A grate with minor surface rust can be cleaned or treated to continue using it. 

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Ingesting rust may not really cause injury or harm from one meal, but continuous ingestion may be of great problem to the intestinal tract.

Rust is majorly oxidation of iron resulting in (iron oxide). The formation of rust and the amount left on the grill is dependent on the type of metal that is made from and whether it is maintained or not.  

But in adults, it is highly not possible that eating from a rusty grill will provide large dogs of iron in a single meal. The only likely scenario is the accumulation of iron in the bloodstream over time if the rusty grill is used continually to prepare meals.

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If you must ingest rust, many antioxidants should be consumed as you can so as to have a counter effect. Fruits sufficient in vitamin C are an excellent option for antioxidants. Additionally, clean rust out of your grilled food will keep iron intake within the recommended daily range.

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