How To Use A Charcoal Grill

Great things do not occur easily; this is the same as great taste from charcoal grilling, It does not occur easily, but can be achieved and with a little or no technical know-how, a charcoal grill can be operated easily.

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Here are a few guides to mark your great taste.

  • Getting charcoal ready- A dry and quality charcoal should be gotten from a reputable place. It can be gathered in a charcoal chimney and then spread evenly. It is then light up efficiently and carefully. Lighter fluid might be dangerous and is not necessarily used in lightning charcoal in a chimney. A good medium of fire conduction should be created; a piece of newspaper can be wadded up in vegetable oil and place at the base of the chimney. Light up the charcoal and wait for the heat to be transferred to all parts all with full heat. Spread an even layer of charcoal evenly throughout the grill for fast cooking foods like hot dogs, vegetables and hamburgers. Two layers of heat should be created for slower cooking foods alternatively as this will help create a zone of indirect heat so the food will be done evenly without burning. Foods such as pork loin and similar foods take a long time to cook.

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  • Preparing the grill- This is the healthy duty that should be done to have a clean and free grill. A grill can be cleaned with a stiff wire before heating up but might cause a metal filling to be found in food. Cleaning with a rag is the safest as debris comes off the grill grate easily when the coal has heated it. Small wood chips might be added to coal making them have the most contact time with smoke and thereby helping it get the rich charcoal flavour you wished for.
  • The medium is set for the grill, happy grilling!!!

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