How To Make Fluffy Pancakes Using A Griddle Pan

A lot of people prefer their pancakes fluffy. It appears nice, has a good texture and is readily available to be eaten. This is one reason it is always said that one should not over mix the batter as this will make the pancake come out very flat, rubbery and tough.

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In getting fluffier pancakes, beat the egg white separately then add the yolk of the eggs to the other wet contents, mix, once done mix it with the dry contents such as the flour, baking powder, baking soda, sugar and a pinch of salt.

Do this without the mixed egg white. Before starting to cook, put in the mixed egg white into the griddle pan in a folded form. Then ensure the batter has been mixed properly, allow it rest for about 15 to 30 minutes or you could even leave it aside overnight depending on how you want your pancake.

This makes the wet content properly soak in thereby resulting in a better and fluffier texture. One secret to getting your pancakes fluffy is the presence of the protein called gluten, this protein can be derived when the right dry and wet ingredients resulting in a mixture happens.

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When the dry and wet contents are mixed, the gluten protein becomes loose then begin to link up and form a network. When prepared on the griddle pan the loose gluten protein helps keep the pancake fluffy on fire. Makes sure the bubbles are seen before you flip the pancake with the spatula.

When flipping, make sure you do it just once so that it comes out fluffy. Once you prepare your pancake this way on the griddle pan, it will definitely come out very fluffy.