Hiya! Happy Friday Everyone!! What a week! Boy am I happy it is over. Bring on the weekend, friends, and a bottle of wine…  Why the long week? Aside of still adjusting to being back to work full time, I have been dealing with a sick fur baby. When call the dogs my fur children I do it sort of jokingly… But truthfully they are like children – especially when they are sick! The youngest, our little black pug has had the sniffles and cough all week (eek!), which turned out to be kennel cough (double eek!). This meant sleepless nights because I’m too much of a softy to put her out of my room, instead I lay awake listening to her cough and trying to comfort her. Ohh have I mentioned the vet recommended steam showers – as I said just like children.

So while I would like to say this weekend is going to involve a night out on the town, it seems to be shaping up to a staying home with Netflix sort of weekend… And with that let’s jump into the good stuff, my favorites from the past week.


For a quick, healthy weeknight dinner my new favorite go to has been stuffed squash. I never jumped on the stuffed potato bandwagon finding them too heavy, but squash is much lighter and so much tastier! My two favorites at the moment is this recipe from Eat Yourself Skinny for Spaghetti Squash with Spicy Sausage and Ricardo’s Quinoa and Cheddar Cheese Stuffed Squash.


I am a notorious over packer. In recent years I am getting much better at it, which is ironic as the lovely husband is the worst over packer! But regardless my family will not let me live down my days of over packing. Even though my packing skills are improving, I still haven’t managed to just pack a carry on yet. Taking just a carry on for a few days seems slightly beyond me, but this helpful how to guide makes it look so easy!


I love serving platters! They are the one home item I can resist. I’m always taking a quick peak on the clearance shelves (because when you have an addiction you can not pay full price) for new platters. So I was very excited when I came across this diy post for a marble and wood serving tray this week. Looks easy and pretty – what more could you ask for?!


My regular readers will know I love all things Benjamin Bridge – a boutique winery in Nova Scotia who produce the most impressive sparkling wine outside of the Champagne region. This past weekend we tried their sole red offering Taurus. Taurus is blend of Maréchal Foch & Lucie Kuhlmann. Living up to its’ name this wine is big and bold, pleasantly complex and rich. Gorgeously fragrant in the glass, with a long finish of juicy dark berries. This limited release may be hard to track down, but a worthy purchase if you do.


What have you loved this week? What are your Friday favorites?