Hi All! Remember back in July when I promised to get this weekly series back on track… Yeah that didn’t really work out so well, did it?? But silly me for thinking August was a month for getting anything back on track! Now September on the other hand that is a month for getting things back on track. September is all about creating new routines and reestablishing old ones. What other month do you approach organizing and planning with such vigor and excitement?! Can’t think of one can you? Let’s hope that my vigor and excitement gets redirected to getting this series back on track! You know what they say if you want something done, give it to a busy person…

Well my wish for you this Friday is that you have survived the first week (or two) of the ‘Back to School’ craze and that you have some fun plans to soak up the last of the warm weather and sunshine this weekend!



So simple, almost an intuitive combination, but I love this recipe from love & olive oil for their So Long Summer Salad. Fresh greens, tomatoes, and burrata with a balsamic glaze. Doesn’t get much easier, or more delicious! Just goes to show you really don’t need to reinvent wheel every meal (or every blog post).

But special mention should also go to these gorgeous looking honey hoisin back bay ribs over on Spoon Fork Bacon!


Maybe I should retitle this ‘The cookbook I am currently lusting after’. If you haven’t jumped on the Great British Bake Off bandwagon yet, you really should.. immediately! While a new series (the 6th) is airing in Britain, PBS has just started airing an older series here in North America (I think it’s the 4th). It is so so British, just really lovely. No yelling or backstabbing, the bakers frequently help each other and always hug the departing contestant. While a few previous contestants have published cookbooks, I just ordered Richard Burr’s new BIY: Bake it Yourself. Arriving from Amazon UK, I can’t wait to bake! From builder to baker, umm maybe I can persuade the lovely husband to give baking a go…


Motivation is needed when it comes to packing lunch. At least for me. Leftovers are my usual default or a wrap with a few carrot sticks. I’m actually bored just typing that. So I love this collection of 50 bento box lunch ideas for inspiration to make lunch a little more fun for you or whoever you’re packing lunch for.


I stumbled across this Napa travel guide this week and spent a good hour – okay probably more – lusting after the beautiful photos and travel tips. My only concern with visiting Napa is that I’m not sure I’d come home!


A $20 Oregon Pinot! Amazing! But please I don’t even want to know what you pay for Underwood Pinot Noir in the US. In Canada a $20 Pinot of this quality, especially from Oregon, is a steal of a deal. It’s really just a fun glass of wine. Nothing overly complicated, bright with ripe fruit flavors. All I can say is if you spy this gem in your local wine shop be sure to buy a bottle (or two) to stock up for the weekend.


Andrew Moravcsik shares his story of being the lead parent or the other side of the ‘why woman still can’t have it all‘ story. Two fantastic articles that are most definitely food (like a full roast dinner food) for thought.


Let me know what has motivated and inspired you this week? How have you survived this first week of back to school? Any favorite new recipes or wines you want to share? I’d love to hear what you Friday Favorites are!