Happy Canadian Thanksgiving Friends!! Right now I am basking in long weekend bliss. An extra day to sleep in guilt free, time with family, crisp fall weather, and a dinner party with all the trimmings… turkey, stuffing, gravy, roasted vegetables and delectable desserts. Yum! Prep work starts today for Sunday’s dinner as I’m off to collect my turkey from the butcher. Have you had a fresh turkey before? If you haven’t you don’t know what goodness you are missing out on! I cooked my first fresh turkey for Christmas last year to rave reviews around the table. It was so so good. In the past I haven’t been a turkey lover, often finding turkey meat flavorless and dry despite basting, butter rubs, and bacon toppings (more fat the better has been my turkey cooking strategy). But cooking a fresh turkey has completely changed my mind on the traditional bird. I’m actually excited for turkey dinner for the first ever… If possible for your own holiday plans, I highly recommend you try a fresh turkey.

My family to your Happy Thanksgiving! May you be thankful for your blessings and all those around your table this weekend.

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I thought about selecting a Thanksgiving themed recipe until yesterday when Smitten Kitchen posted a new recipe for Cannoli Pound Cake. Cannoli.. Pound Cake.. Does it get any better?! I think not! I feel as though this recipe speaks for itself. Deb is a serious genius. I wanted to bake this the moment I saw it. Weekend baking plans have now been sorted!

My secret weapon when cooking a turkey dinner is Silk Road Spice Merchant’s Poultry Stuffing Blend. This blend takes all the guess-work out of stuffing. A mixture of herbs such as sage, rosemary, marjoram, savory, and thyme, mixed with red bell peppers, allspice, ginger and other spices this blend is a must for any turkey dinner.

Kate Spade I do enjoy the prettiness of Kate Spade. It ticks all the right boxes for my inner girlie girl. So I’m all kinds of excited for their new book all in good taste.

filled with how-tos, personal essays, anecdotes, recipes, and a liberal dash of style, all in good taste will transform you into the hostess everyone wants an invitation from.

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October is Merlot month. Follow along social media and the hashtag #MerlotMe to join in the celebration of this misunderstood and overlooked wine. No judgement I was once in that I’m not drinking Merlot camp. After trying a few gems my opinion on Merlot has changed, I even wrote an apology. My favorite remains Trehethen Merlot. This Merlot embodies the flavors I love most in a wine. On the nose it is rich with plum, tobacco, and dark chocolate. Tasting the wine you get more dark ripe fruits, green figs, and dark chocolate that finishes so well.

What are your Friday Favorites? As always I’d love to hear what has motivated, inspired or just made you hungry this week

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