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Friday Favorites is back after a one week hiatus for Easter weekend. And what a busy week it has been! It may have been quiet on the blog but the kitchen has been a busy, busy mess. I feel as though I’ve constantly had a sink full of dirty dishes, but as they say a clean kitchen is a sign of a wasted life. Well I didn’t waste a day of the past week or so. My Mama was here visiting for a week, which was a whirl wind of 2 (large) dinner parties, Easter weekend church, dinners out, a high tea, visiting, a wine tasting and a night at the theatre. Wow no wonder I feel exhausted! And I haven’t even mentioned shopping…

Okay so why all the dishes and messy kitchen. Last Friday I invited family over to welcome my Mom, I served a creamy smoked haddock and prawn pie the recipe is from delicious magazine. It was so yummy! An easy recipe that was definitely a crowd pleaser, even for the non-fish eater of the group. I’m holding on this recipe and will make again for serving a crowd. Easter Sunday was a ham, because what’s Easter without a ham!? I made a thyme honey glaze and slow roasted the ham. The sides were traditional favorites of scalloped potatoes, roasted asparagus, and carrots. The carrots had a bit of a twist pork, roasted pork belly, pork belly, roast, recipe, dinnersautéed with saffron – had to work my favorite spice in somehow! But they were so good. Yikes this all seems like a lot of food and I am only half way through… After the crowds cleared out I made two special meals for my Mom. I roasted a saddle of lamb, the saddle combines the loin and tenderloin so it is very succulent and doesn’t need much dressing up. Lastly by special request pork belly with lots of crackling! So while I haven’t had much time to post this week, there are lots of tasty posts coming your way!! Here is a little sneak peek at the pork belly – I might be biased but doesn’t it look delicious? This week I’m thinking a little break from the kitchen and a little more time writing. Less eating, more writing, I can do it!

This week it was a late winner for the title of my favorite recipe, and it is actually three recipes in one blog post. The always lovely Mimi Thorisson shared the recipes of a meatball competition they recently hosted. Like me you are probably thinking who actually hosts a meatball competition?!? But the outcome look delicious and leads me to ask why am I not hosting meatball competitions?? This is clearly a mistake I need to correct.

NYT, pizza, dough, recipe
Source NYT Food

I don’t really need much to be seduced into making pizza at home, but the promise of easier and faster homemade pizza dough definitely caught my eye. Making pizza dough isn’t hard, but it is a bit messy for my limited cleaning capabilities, especially on a week night. This recent article in The New York Times takes away the mess by using a food processor and freezer to make the pizza dough. Sounds simple enough! I haven’t tried this method yet but it is high on my to do lists. Prepping pizza dough and having it on hand in the freezer for a week night dinner, will definitely make for happier Wednesdays!

Cinque Terre has been on my travel bucket list since day one. Probably even before that. There is just something about the seaside cliffs and colorful facades of these picturesque villages that stirs my inner wanderlust with excitement. So I have been day dreaming all week to this beautiful post on Tuula Vintage. The photography is stunning, completely capturing my attention and imagination, so I hope it does the same for you.

I actually have a few this week. With all of the amazing food I’ve been eating, there had to be good wine and lots of it! Thankfully I have the wine, easter, red winebest husband in the world and knows the way to my heart is with good wine! Just before Easter weekend lovely husband surprised me a few bottles from a favorite wine shop of ours, each bottle complete with tasting notes written on it. Amazing right?! All were great but my three favorites were Fattoria di Magliano HEBA, Faustine Vieilles Vignes, and Prieure de Montezargues Tavel Rose. Three very different wines. The Heba was lush with big fruit flavors, the Faustine was elegant, but fresh and herbaceous, and the Prieure de Montezargues has the most amazing aromas, with a long finish that won’t disappoint.

With my Mom visiting the fur babies definitely over treated ALL week! But what are Grandmothers for?! The clear favorites of the week were the duck mini-meatballs from Natural Balance Pet Food. Very refined palates on my children. Made with high-grade protein, and without corn, wheat, artificial flavors or colors, these were a great special treat over Easter.


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