Hi All! Have you recovered from the mid-week St. Patrick’s Day festivities? Hopefully! Pretty quiet here just a few Lady Irish cocktails and watched Waking Ned Devine. Such a delightful movie I would highly recommend it if you have never watched it or haven’t watched it recently. It has been an equally quiet week in the kitchen (and on the blog, sorry friends). If fact thinking back I’m wondering what I cooked!? Yikes one of those weeks! The standout were the most delicious fritters I made last Monday which I’m sharing below and can’t wait to make again. Otherwise a few nights out and a few lazy nights and that really sums up my week. On ward and upward for next week! Tomorrow I am bravely going food shopping without a list. Those of you who know me, know my inner granny needs a grocery list – wish me luck!! It’s spring (or so I’ve been told, what’s with all the snow??) I’m going to go to the market and let the fresh produce inspire me.

My favorite recipe I cooked this week were these broccoli parmesan fritters from smitten kitchen. They were the perfect meatless Monday recipe. Why? Well they were easy, healthy, delicious and completely able to be eaten with your hands, which means less dishes and there is something really comforting about embracing your inner child and eating with your hands. In fact, I think they were best eaten hot out of the pan. I made mine with a green cauliflower (still don’t like broccoli) and added a splash of milk. With a garlic aioli these easy fritters were a delicious dinner! This recipe is a keeper!

Hands down the favorite recipe I came across this week was fried shrimp flatbreads with spicy cardamom sauce from Food & Wine. Does that not look absolutely delicious?! Apparently it was the first day of spring today, you wouldn’t know it though with most of the country buried under snow. So I think this recipe and a party is exactly what’s needed. Who wants to join me? I’m calling it my ‘Come On Summer’ party.. We’ll play classic Beach Boys, make a fruity cocktail or two and cook up these spicy fried shrimp flatbreads while reminding ourselves that summer is coming… summer is coming!

Surviving winter takes a lot of help, especially this winter! To help combat the harsh effects of winter on my poor delicate, misses living by the ocean skin I rely on Tata Harper Resurfacing Mask. If you are not familiar with Tata Harper it is a natural and non-toxic skincare company based in Vermont. The resurfacing mask is a detoxifying treatment that makes my dull winter skin… happy. Yes happy. Once a week treatment helps banish the winter blues. Do I need to say it again summer is coming.. summer is coming! Right??

Or perhaps I should say favorite beauty cocktail. Since I’ve just shared my favorite face mask, we might as well stay on trend with this collection of beautifying cocktail recipes posted on Mimi this week. We all know that as delightful as a cocktail or two is, drinking sugary concoctions can lead to dehydration and inflammation in the skin (yuck!). These cocktail recipes all include skin happy ingredients to keep you looking your best.

Vancouver Burrard BridgeYou must check out This amazing travel blog features 12 hour travel guides for cities around the world with secret local spots off the beaten path. They will help you get the most over any lay over or quick trip. Or just help you day dream of how you’d spend a day in Helsinki, Lyon, or Vancouver. For me when visiting Vancouver it’s hard not to want to spend the whole day at Granville Island wandering the shops and market and enjoying this view.

It was Bark Box week! Yay! The favorite so far were the Golden Nuggets from Yeti Dog Chews. You microwave the treat and allow it to cool aka just long enough to torture the fur children. These treats actually smell good. Yes I said it – they smell good. Like cheesy toast fresh out of the oven. The treat is a little crunchy so it took them a few minutes to get through, but their tails were wagging the entire time. I will definitely be reordering these treats!

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