Can someone please tell me how it is the end of February?! It seems like it was just yesterday that I was hesitating taking down the Christmas tree. Oh really it seems like just last week that I was putting up that tree and writing out cards – yes I still send out Christmas cards. I love the romantic nostalgia of mailing a card. There isn’t enough of that in the world. I have to admit I did draw the line at paying $7 a card on Valentine’s Day. Seriously could not find a card for less than $7. Can you imagine!?

Well before I get fully on my soap box let’s chat about what’s been going on in my kitchen this week. Last weekend I made chicken wings. I couldn’t tell you the last time if ever that I’ve cooked chicken wings. And wow what I silly oversight that was I my behalf. I made chicken tikka wings with mango-chilli chutney a recipe from The Tiffin Box a fantastic blog I would highly recommend. Otherwise this week Ismak dab, beef roast, marinade, mustard adopted a cook once eat all week approach with a slow roasted chuck roast. A made a simple marinade for the roast using Smak Dab Beer Chipotle Mustard, and roasted the beef on a bed of veggies with some dark ale. If you like mustard be sure to check out Smak Dab they are a small company from Winnipeg, Manitoba with an awesome line up of artisan mustards.

Trying to come up with a meal plan for this week. I’m thinking fish tacos one night.. and then I’m drawing a blank. Any ideas? Help is definitely needed as I plan to be completely distracted by House of Cards tonight!


This is all of the above. The Art of the Perfect Grilled Cheese from Serious Eats. This post will blow your mind. When making a grilled cheese do you add butter to the pan? Or just butter the bread? Just buttering the bread me too and apparently we’ve been don’t it wrong. This post has it all from bread types and cheese, to options for additional stuffing or upgrades as they call them.

I’m not sure if this classifies as a cooking tip, but it is certainly my favorite tip for happier mornings. Spend a minute with this youtube video and learn how to foam milk with a french press. Brilliant!

There apparently is a light at the end of the kale tunnel. Food & Wine are reporting 9 ingredients that chefs are currently obsessed with and kale is not one of them. Yay! Yes I did make kale pesto this week and it was okay but I think it have been nicer with spinach. So what am I most excited about probably the locally sourced salt. What excites you the most from the list of 9?

Last weekend I came across this collection of retro marital advice. These 10 pieces of so called advice gave me the best laugh all week! They were all little gems of comedy that I could never see myself adhering to no matter what decade. But if this is what they were telling women in the 1950s no wonder divorce rates soared!

This week has been all about cocktails. Well just one cocktail the Lady Irish. The post for the lady irish, cocktailcocktail went up yesterday, but it had been a week of searching for ingredients, then another week of tasting and experimenting since I had to deviate from the original recipe. However, I am so pleased with the final recipe and hope you will love it as well.

Lately I have been loving Just One Way Ticket. I’m not sure if the blog is fulfilling my desire to travel from my sofa or spurring on my gypsy tendencies. That’s to be determined, if the blog goes silent you’ll know where I am. Regardless I love following Sab’s travels around the world, especially since so much of her travels focus on areas I’ve never been. If you are looking for a colorful, well written escape then check out Just One Way Ticket.

It was the fur children’s favorite week of the month this week… BarkBox week!! And a fun mardi bark box, febgras themed box. I have to say I enjoy letting them sniff their way though the box. It’s always amusing and gives me a chance to see what they might like best. Interesting the crawfish jerky serious favorite! My favorite is the deodorizing spray. In these yucky winter months a night spritz of this moisturizing spray makes them much nicer to cuddle with.

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